The Hartman Blog March 16, 2023

Up and Coming Neighborhoods: Riverwalk

In a previous post we talked about commuting and why it might be worth the extra gas money to live away from work. If your job takes you to the Charlotte or Columbia area we have the perfect neighborhood for you. On top of being in a prime location, it is a beautiful neighborhood with lots to see and explore.

Welcome to Riverwalk

Riverwalk is a sprawling neighborhood just off the Catawba river. The area itself is very large with beautifully colored houses, no two looking the same. There is a centralized playground area as well as a few pools which makes it very welcoming to families with children. The neighborhood is also very pet friendly, with several areas to walk dogs or give them space to run around themselves. The whole neighborhood is meant to inspire people to get back to nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from the homes it boasts a shopping area, home to the Pump House, a higher-end restaurant off the riverbank, giving you a lovely view of the river, as well the Brass Tap, which is a great place to take the edge off. There is also a grocery store within the loop and a pharmacy, making it easy to access anything you may need in a hurry. 

Other than all of the fun activities available to living just off the river, there is also the Velodrome. This is home to several cycling competitions and classes. It is friendly for all ages and also just a cool place to check out on the weekends. It is available to anyone and can give you some new experiences you may not have had before. If you are a fan of BMX, it’s absolutely a great place to check out. 

Of course this is just a quick blurb about the many amenities and there is so much more to explore in just the immediate area, if you want to see more of the neighborhood check out the page below and contact us if you’re interested in touring a home.