The Hartman Blog January 26, 2023

Perfect for a Family Brunch: Amelie’s French Bakery and Café

The Building

This week we wanted to highlight Amelie’s of Rock Hill. This French inspired cafe is a must visit if you find yourself downtown. The overall atmosphere of the cafe is very friendly and the staff will always greet you with a smile. When you walk inside one of the first thing’s you’ll notice are the blue walls and a giant safe door. This building actually used to be a Citizen’s Bank location. The original construction is still quite obvious and the bank vault makes for interesting decor. What used to hide away money and important documents now holds the secret to Amelie’s success, the ingredients to their delicious food. We can’t help but enjoy the novelty and history of this building.

The Rock Hill location also boasts two floors, so if you would prefer to sit above it all and enjoy a bit more privacy it allows you to. There is also a lovely sitting area outside, you can sit under the cover of their canopy or just at one of the tables in the sun. Amelie’s offers several ways to enjoy the atmosphere and just take a break. The store has free Wi-Fi so if you find yourself needing to work outside of the office but not sitting at home, you can get a cup of coffee and a pastry to keep you motivated during your work. 

Delicious Diversity

We haven’t even gotten into the food. Amelie’s is a café, however they have a full bistro that includes sandwiches, quiches, soups and more. They have included vegan and gluten free options so anyone can eat there. Their menu is perfect for a Sunday brunch with family or friends or if you can’t stick around for the café feel free to order and take it home with you. 

Amelie’s is most well known for their coffee and desserts. One of the first things you will see after walking in are the huge dessert display cases. Everything in the case has been made in house and for those with curious palates they offer a variety of flavors. Something we love about Amelie’s is their seasonal menu, each season they add new flavors and new foods to keep you coming back. If nothing else, we recommend getting a small box of macarons, these colorful cookies are also delicious and gluten free. The beverage options are just as vast, offering of course a multitude of espresso and coffee options alongside french sodas and a litany of teas (and yes, they do let you mix and match). They also sell bags of their beans if you fall in love and want to bring the experience home. 


Yes, They Cater Too

Something amazing about this café is that they can do it all. Amelie’s has a party space in the basement floor that can hold up to 70 people. This makes it great for any kind of party, shower, or reception. The space will be fully catered according to your needs and does include a bar option. You can also get your big events catered. They do it all for catering, desserts, sandwiches, cakes, whatever you need for your guests. They offer pick-up or delivery for your convenience. 

The cakes at Amelie’s are of course just as amazing. They come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. While the cakes are specially ordered, you can sometimes find a display cake in the dessert cases just waiting to be taken home. These cakes are expertly decorated and can stand proud as the centerpiece of a table setting. They also make full size tarts and macaron cakes. As we come off the holiday season we can’t help but think about the beautiful Buche de Noel cakes they made. 

As you can see we could likely talk all day about Amelie’s but instead let’s leave some of it up to you to discover. We can’t recommend this place enough, whether you go with friends, family, or by yourself, this place will be perfect. Below we have included a link to their website for more insights. 

Au revoir!